Top PPC Alternatives to Google AdWords

Top PPC AlternativesAre you looking out for PPC alternatives for Google Adwords? Google Adwords is the well established leader and the undisputed killer in the PPC industry. Google Adwords is an effective program for many businesses and websites to benefit from. However, it’s also incredibly difficult for small businesses to make huge profits. At times like these, the small businesses look out for alternatives to Google Adwords.

Here’s a list of top PPC alternatives to Google AdWords:


 If you are searching for the best Adwords alternative, then your search ends here. You can use AdBrite and advertize about your small business on over 80,000 websites and reach more than 370 million visitors with just a single campaign. However, AdBrite’s traffic is mostly outside US. AdBrite offers its customers with better ads in formats such as Text Ads, Full Page Ads, Banners, Inline Ads and BritePic at a very cost effective price. You can just sign up with AdBrite and start experimenting all their tools before purchasing ads.


Clicksor, another leader in the PPC industry that is similar to Adwords, provides its consumers with CPM and CPC advertizing solutions at the most economical rate possible. Clicksor offers you with different ad formats such as Text Links, Flash Ads, Image Ads, Banners, Animation Ads, Interstitial Ads (new), Pop unders and Dynamic (DHTML) highlighting. Like most networks, Clicksor, a high-quality publishers’ network, is more tolerant compared to Google and offers bid prices to its users. The other advantage with Clicksor is that it ensures that your ads are displayed on relevant sites to increase the effect. While it’s true that the ad creation tools and the campaign control options are all rudimentary, these tools are more than enough to keep track of your results and expenses.


 This is an online advertising network that offers you with the Bid Per Click ad sales model, so that you can directly bid for publisher ad space. If you are the highest bidder, then you can buy the space. BidVertiser gives you the ability to automatically sell your ad space to highest bidding advertisers. BidVertiser offers its customers with intriguing ad formats such as Pay-Per-Click you receive, Pay-Per-Click advertising that are Site-Targeted, create ads in just minutes, geographical targeting, monitoring performance of ads, etc. Apart from these, BidVertiser also boasts about the fraud-detection system that can be an added advantage in using this network.

Facebook Paid Ads:

If you are looking out for an ad platform with effective targeting features, then try out the Facebook Paid Ads. It’s needless to say, the role of Facebook in today’s world of technology. Using Facebook’s Paid Ads platform can help you reach your targeted audience and also it’s extremely beneficial compared to Google Adwords. With this, you can target your audiences using different criteria like age, hobbies, gender, geographic areas and much more. When it comes to placing ads, do remember to place and ad that’s funny attractive, stunning. The look of the ad must make the viewers curious and get them click on it, even though it’s not related to the content.

LinkedIn DirectAds:

LinkedIn’s Direct ads, similar to Facebook’s Paid Ads, is also a useful platform and one among the best PPC alternatives to Google Adwords, that lets you target your advertisements to the specific people or LinkedIn users. And, when it comes to affordability, this much targeted network comes with a price tag that doesn’t suit everyone. However, there are many metrics collected by LinkedIn from its users that you need to take into account before generating any advertisement.

That’s not all, there are dozens more in the list of top PPC alternatives available like Exit Junction, AdToll, 7Search, Chitika, Yahoo Publisher Network, StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, Fastclick, Target Point, ClickThruTraffic, etc. that you can rely on.

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