In this digital age, transactions are mostly done online on websites. That’s why you need your company intranet where all business files and interactions can be viewed real-time and online. Your business is growing and your files are increasing as well. Those files are documentations you must save and store. You need to keep those files intact and organized.


Or you’re starting up your website and you’re building up your site content. You’re working on your site map but you wonder how will you arrange and insert all those content into the website. Plus you’re in dilemma how will all those site content be user-friendly to site visitors and at the same make sense to direct them to your product or service you’re offering and finally contact you.


There’s a nifty solution to this – content management system. Content Management or CM is the technology that makes possible the collection and management of information or more precisely digital content, as well as handle publishing. This technology makes possible real-time and online organization of your business data – access and organization all at your fingertips.


What more you can add in your website, be it for public or an intranet, is a web application customized to your needs. It’s a simple software application managed and controlled via your online website. Imagine a virtual calendar wherein your employees can share their schedules or set up meetings with one another or a feedback bar where you can connect with your site visitors enabling them to see your notes or new promotions.


CrazyWebs will provide you with a team just right to work on your desired layout and flow of digital content in your website and will also develop any type of web application you need. Any kind you can think of you need that will optimize, encourage and increase interaction in your site – we can develop especially for you.


Simply inform us what you need and our team will do the rest. Crazywebs team will surely give you that e-commerce website that is easy to use yet elegant to display on screen. With our experience, your site will be easy to navigate allowing your customers to find the product or services that they are looking for. Moreover, you will be able to track down orders and inquiries easily, promote your product, manage your databases and take electronic payments.


Not only do we develop websites that is easy to use for both customers and website owners, we also make sites that are light on your pocket yet loaded with product and category listings and several other features.


Consult with us and we’d be glad to share with you our packages tailor fitted to your service needs and budget.



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Crazywebs started with a simple goal- to help online businesses succeed by offering them great website designs. Thus, a team of 3 individuals set up an online shop to cater to struggling small businesses. Eventually, as the internet community grew, Crazywebs began branching out to offer online solutions such as SEO, PPC and social media marketing services.