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Social networks have been in every nook and cranny of people’s lives since who knows when the boon spread the social media madness. Business of all sorts and from various fields has succumbed to this trend and is paying them off well.


Social media marketing is also known as social media optimization (SMO). It serves as an additional channel for businesses and customers to converge and interact, becoming an easy access for customer service and support. Thru communication in social media, businesses can learn customer insights and work on those to their advantage and create more competitive marketing strategies. It serves as well as a gateway to appease, retain, and gain customers and attract prospective business partners. Presence in social media helps and supports projection of image as well coupled with good management and marketing. It’s a rather cheap alternative and a catchall method in online marketing. Most popular social media sites these days are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs.


CrazyWeb will bring your business right in front of your customer’s online sight level. Whenever they access their social media accounts be it in Facebook or Twitter, you’re there – always present to invite them to your offers. We have just the right team ready to lay out to you our customer-friendly SMO approaches. Share with us what you have in mind and how you want to befriend your customers. We’ll work with you and importantly provide you with customized packages just fit for your budget.



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Crazywebs started with a simple goal- to help online businesses succeed by offering them great website designs. Thus, a team of 3 individuals set up an online shop to cater to struggling small businesses. Eventually, as the internet community grew, Crazywebs began branching out to offer online solutions such as SEO, PPC and social media marketing services.