People’s Overwhelming Response To iPhone 5 Sales

Apple’s breakthroughs with their iPhone 5 did not stop with the smartphone’s innovations namely, its breaking away from the historical 3.5 inch screen size, 4G LTE technology, the much faster A6 chipset, etc. This is because, Apple made another phenomenon even before their iOS smartphones hit the retail stores in the US with its more than 2 million pre-orders, and this sales volume is achieved within 24 hours of its pre-order date.

Overwhelming response from people

The said sales volume could have astonished Apple themselves as they are not prepared for this with their initial supply which was proven to be insufficient considering people’s demand for Apple’s latest smartphone. Preparing for the pre-orders by looking at iPhone 4S’s pre-order sales wouldn’t help either since pre-order sales for the iPhone 5 has almost doubled its predecessor’s within the same time frame. For this reason, some customers who placed their pre-orders but didn’t make it to the first batch of iPhone 5 stocks will have to wait by October to get their own unit.

One of the carriers in the US who will be selling the iPhone 5, AT&T advised that it has reached another sales record after having the iPhone 5 included in their line of products. They are quick to state that the iPhone 5 is the fastest-selling iPhone that they have offered.

As if these facts are not enough evidence for the iPhone 5’s astonishing impact on people, there were reports saying that even days before the availability of iPhone 5 in stores in September 21, eager buyers, armed with sleeping bags and heavy coats are already lining up in front of the ‘Cube’, Apple’s store on New York’s 5th Avenue.

And this isn’t the only Apple store experiencing this event. iPhone 5 enthusiasts in London are also camping out in front of Apple’s store in Regent Street to be among the first to own the sensational iPhone 5.

What contributed to iPhone 5’s phenomenal sales

A lot of factors contributed to people’s remarkable reaction to iPhone 5, thus leading to a surge of sales.

Among these is their easy access to the latest information which is none other than the internet. Getting to know the rumours months, weeks, and even days before the launch, the confirmed specifications and features after Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, the pre-order date and date of availability in stores and other relevant information is easy with a reliable high speed internet connection which is deemed a necessity these days, even in regular households.

Another reason could be the innovations that Apple did with the iPhone 5. One sensational change is the increase in screen size of up to 4 inches. Other changes are the thinner dimension and lighter weight, the iOS 6, improved rear camera, faster A6 chip, faster WiFi, and much more.

We can also attribute people’s amazing reaction to iPhone 5 to its extreme modification from its predecessor, iPhone 4s, making the iPhone 5 to be deemed by many as a major revamp of the iPhone smartphones.

With this surge of sales that took place this early, it is expected that iPhone 5 sales can reach 9 to 10 million in the month of September alone.

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