How to generate traffic to your website using Reddit?

BlogsBlogs occupy a unique niche in the SEO world. Blogs are usually featured on a particular topic and are a great source of information. Some offer discussion on a whole range of subjects and even present links to all types of other sites. Some contain personal perspective of the author’s daily life and thoughts.
Blogs are interactive and allows to share comments and reviews. For this reason, blogs attract many visitors who are in search of solutions. Blogs are easy to create and modify and you can even have guest bloggers to write on your blog. This is an easy way to publicize and draw people to your blog.


This is not just enough. If you are serious about making money online from your blog, you need to think of other ways to attract more visitors to your blog. Optimizing your blog so that it gets ranked higher in the search engine results is probably the well-known tactic that most of them apply. Once your blog is search engine optimized, they get easily indexed and drive more traffic to your blog. This requires modifying your blog with quality content, keywords and phrases, anchor text and backlinks, so that search engines crawl easily to your blog.

How to make money online?

To make money online using SEO, all you need is right strategies. Black-hat techniques and unethical tactics might be a instant hit but will not hold good for long. Some of the simple ways that you can adopt to optimize you blog are:

  • Make use of blogging tools such as WordPress and Bloggers
  • Focus on quality content
  • Research right keywords and keyword phrases
  • Make extensive use of internal and external links
  • Create your own domain for more exposure
  • Reddit exposure to Blogs


Yet another way to generate traffic to your blog is with the use of social networking sites. These sites are a great way to gain high amount of social traffic in a very short period of time. Reddit is one such social networking site around the Internet featuring user-submitted news on a wide range of topics from people all around the world. All that is needed is you have to login to Reddit and submit your links. Links
submitted to Reddit goes through a democratic voting system that is open to all its users.

Well, Reddit seems to a sure way of gaining backlinks provided you get enough positive votes than negative. One advantage of using Reddit is that you can expect brand exposure and great reader base for your blog. If your content is good and original then there is a higher chance of your blog being pushed to the first page of Reddit.

When your blog gets listed in the first page, everybody accessing Reddit can see and that you can expect more organic traffic to your blog. Also, posting your links on Reddit ensures that your blog spreads virally across other social media, forums, and online communities. This is an effective way to generate traffic if your links posted on Reddit gains popularity.

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