Four Reasons E-Readers Will Replace Traditional Textbooks

Even before the existence of e-book readers and other 7-inch tablets that are suitable for this media, different e-books have been circulating in the internet for quite some time. A lot of people have patronized e-books for different reasons and until now, especially after the upsurge of different e-book readers and smaller sized tablets from different manufacturers, e-books have become more in-demand in the internet. And with the continuous supply and innovations of tablets, smartphones and laptops, a lot of e-readers will soon replace the traditional textbooks that we usually find in brick and mortar bookstores.

Here are four of the common reasons why e-readers will replace traditional textbooks:

  1. Portability – One of the advantages that e-readers enjoy most with e-books is its portability. Considering the capability of handy devices such as tablets and smartphones to store and read e-books, bookworms can reduce their load by storing their favourite book in their handy device rather than have another stuff to carry with a paper book. This feature will certainly be helpful when travelling, going to coffee shops to unwind, or whenever one has to go some place else, even if it is only in their house’s patio.
  2. Cheaper to acquire – On the part of the writer, there are no printing fees to spend for. As for the readers, they can also get cost savings by not having to spend for fuel in driving to book stores or pay for shipping fees when buying the paper book online. Aside from the cost savings, it is also almost effortless to buy e-books since downloading can be initiated as soon as the online payment becomes successful. Some helpful e-books can even be downloaded for free.
  3. Easier to store – Most of the gadgets these days come with hefty memory capacity where users can store hundreds of e-books in addition to their huge collection of files, images, videos, apps, etc. For this reason, an avid e-book reader has nothing to worry about in getting as much e-book as he wants except for the cost of downloading. With paper books, owners will have to worry about having spacious book shelves, dusting the paper book collection regularly, and properly dispose them when done reading.
  4. Sharing quotes from the book through social media accounts – The prevalence and accessibility to a reliable internet connection in almost everywhere you go makes it easy for anyone to connect to social media and buy any e-book that one may find interesting. Furthermore, getting social and e-book reading activities can be intertwined with one another. How? By sharing quotes from the e-book in Facebook or Twitter. However, to be able to do this conveniently, e-book owners should ideally have a high speed internet connection in their own homes.

Final Words

Although a lot of people still have and buy paper books, with the aforementioned advantages of e-books and other perks of this form of reading such as easier word lookup online, convenience in night reading, and being environment friendly, time will soon come when more people will prefer e-books over traditional paper books.

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