Family Bonding on Facebook

Social MediaIt’s sometimes rare to see our family complete in a day. If not work, we pay time travelling. Hence, we make less fortunate time with each member of our family. With today’s rise of different social networking sites, we are even more set apart from our family. We often chat to our friends and other colleagues instead of making a big deal with our children, spouse and parent. But actually, social networking sites can be a very nice spot to build a nice camaraderie in the house. There are different sites in the World Wide Web where we can actually spend time with our family members, if not watching videos, playing with online games. One of the best social networking sites to date is Facebook. Facebook is known for its vast number of users all over the world- but we don’t care. It’s not about chatting here. We’ll talk about getting closer to each member of our family.

Different games are seen on Facebook. To date, young people are getting even fonder playing with Farmville and growing their backyard there. You see, you can even make your garden there, though you can’t sell the items. Kidding aside, Farmville truly amaze the young minds of the youths. They learn not just to play but make strategic plans on how to manage their resources. But the most intriguing game available now on Facebook is what we call Tetris Battle. For all we know, Tetris-like games has been available in the past years. But there’s no way Tetris Battle on Facebook can give us the excitement or even connect our children with us. By using our personal computers, or even Android phones, we can have a nice bonding moment with our children playing Tetris Battle. The procedure is just very easy, to make a straight vertical line block-filled. There are even challenges which will definitely get into our nerves. We might overly heat our head, but surely we’ll see funny eyes from our kids, spouse and parents- almost laughing sometimes. But it’s all worth it anyway.

Who said social networking sites are big barriers in improving one’s self? Others might think it negatively, but there are more benefits which these social sites can offer other than the unproductive parts. We can integrate our self-esteem by taking part to chat rooms and share our thoughts there. We can also tweet or post how we feel to show other people how you are. Communication has never been easy with these sites available for everyone to access. And most importantly, these sites, like Facebook, can give us the biggest favor in our entire life-building a happy family.

Making a family is very easy, but building a family is arduous.  We don’t want to ruin our house by ruining our family right? So we should take a slice of time for our family to get in touch with each other. Instead of considering Facebook as a barrier in boosting our family relationship, why not make it as an avenue? There’s always a room for family bonding on Facebook.

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