Client Feedback



Deborah Goss

Here is my top recommendation for anyone needing help with getting your site to rank number one! I hired these guys a while ago, and have done nothing but sit back and check the sites ranking occasionally. I have been very impressed with there determination to get my main competitive keyword on to page one. Now it has!!! Congratulations to Rommel and the crazywebs team! I’ve hired previous online marketers before who have promised the world to me but showing only little success, but with these guys all I can say is that they are like magicians who know how to work their magic..and I assure anyone reading this that if they go ahead and choose to hire crazywebs you won’t regret it!


Melinda Thomson

Thank you once again for a fantastic website that fulfilled all of my wishes and more. Rommel and his team were fast, friendly and efficient, and bent over backwards to make sure I was happy. Rommel was patient, and spent time explaining concepts to help me understand my website, and support me to do my own website maintenance in the future. Thanks!


Greg Newmann

I only knew how to post status and shout outs in Facebook and Twitter. Little did I know that theres so much more in social media marketing and a lot more other venues to drive my presence towards my customers. CrazyWebs actually opened my eyes to the vast opportunities to grow my online presence. Also, their SEO services are top notch, my website consistently ranks 1st or 2nd on search pages.I owe my website and its popularity to them! Kudos to your teams work delivery!

Mindy Merrirman

I’m not the type of person to bother with new stuff on the web so I decided to hire a trusted marketing firm who knew what they were doing, and so I found these guys! They do all my online marketing, from social media to getting my site to rank high in the first page in just a couple of weeks. Money well spent I say! :) Dont think my business would’ve lasted to long without the help.. they still do my marketing till this day just to have an edge against my competitors. So if you’re a struggling business owner who needs a helping hand with getting more exposure for your business, then I strongly suggest you check these guys out, they can do wonders for your business!


Patrick Brown

CrazyWebs is composed of trained and committed professionals. They delivered my website complete and on time-two thumbs-up. Despite all my ideas and requests, they still managed to put them into an actual and functioning website.


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