A Few Guides In Locating A 4G Network

The latest models of mobile phones these days are exceptional at what they do, as compared to what they were created for in the first place which is, to make phone calls remotely. As time went by, additional features were integrated such as the ability to compose and send text messages, inclusion of colors and graphics in the interface, inclusion of camera phones that are capable of taking images and recording videos. These features certainly gave mobile phone users the ability to do more wherever they go with their mobile phones.

Fast forward to our present and modern era, we are fortunate to have the 4G technology which is the latest and best means of mobile internet connection at the moment. As compared to its predecessor, the 4G mobile internet has greater bandwidth, faster real life internet connection speed and wider coverage.

However, there are factors that significantly affect the quality of reception of 4G mobile internet and one of these is the distance of the subscriber to the 4G network. The closer the subscriber is to a network, the greater chances that he will have a faster mobile browsing experience and for this reason, it is important to know if the location where a subscriber will be most of the time, will have a 4G network coverage.

Here are a few helpful guides in knowing the availability of the 4G network in a certain area.

  1. Inquire with the different network providers – This may be your primary source of information for the 4G network’s availability. The demand for 4G technology is increasing in a fast pace and these days, you can expect the leading providers to have this service in a lot of areas. However, it will still be important to ascertain its availability as this service is not yet accessible in all places. You may find carrier coverage maps from the network provider’s website but this will only be helpful as long as you are sure that it is updated.
  2. Check out 4G coverage maps from independent organizations – In getting any information, it is important to have a supplemental data that will come from other sources. In the case of 4G network coverage, there are websites of independent organizations that you can check out for any updates from network providers, including the 4G network coverage. With the information that you can get from this website, you can do a comparison to give you better enlightenment.
  3. Read professional reviews, blogs and forums – Another good source of information about the coverage of 4G networks are professional reviews, blogs and forums. This way, you can find out what other subscribers are actually saying as compared to the network providers’ claims. However, in referring to these sources, bear in mind that some information that you will read will come from regular people which may be having some misunderstanding with their 4G service.
  4. Ask neighbors, friends or relatives who live in the same area – Among the best reference of the quality of 4G network in your area are the people who live nearby. The advantage of asking these people is, you actually know them and you know that you can rely on the information that they will give you. If they’d tell you that their 4G network works for them, chances are great that it will work for you too.


Knowing the best 4G network provider in your area is important in getting an excellent mobile internet browsing experience. By following these guides, finding the 4G network providers that have the best coverage in your area will be much easier. Check this page here for the best mobile internet

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