6 Most Useful Android Apps

The advancements in technology these days have allowed people to be capable of doing more tasks conveniently and efficiently through a wide array of devices available today. Among the devices and facilities that have evolved pretty fast since the time of their inception are mobile phones and internet connections.

It may sound odd to see these two facets of technology being mentioned side by side. But if we are to look further, these two have significant connection with each other. Mobile phones these days are packed with features and can even be enhanced further by downloading Apps online that will suit the smartphone owner. However, to be able to download the apps successfully, at any time the user wishes to and as often as the user wants, a reliable connection is highly recommended. Some websites compares internet service providers that high speed internet users can choose from for their reliable internet connection.

And when it comes to enhancing an Android smart phone, users can have hundreds of thousands of choices from the app store. For the most useful ones, here are 6 apps that are worthy to check out:

  1. Evernote – For being packed with several functional features, smart phones are typically owned by busy people. Whether moms who have a lot of housekeeping, child raising responsibilities or working employees with hectic schedules, or students who have a lot of school activities to juggle, this app will certainly be helpful in taking down notes, clipping a web, taking a photo and much more.
  2. Remember the milk – Who doesn’t have a lot do? Almost every person have a couple of things to be reminded of like stuff to buy, errands to do, phone calls to make and much more. With this app, people wouldn’t have to miss an important task by simply checking out their handy android device installed with this app.
  3. Bump – For being capable of creating and storing different types of files and media worthy of sharing, a good wireless connecting app should be in place. Bump is an app that allows two devices to be wirelessly connected effortlessly. And the best part is, smart phones powered by different operating systems (Android or iOS) can be paired with each other.
  4. Dropbox – With the availability of cloud services these days, who needs those cluttery hard disk drives, USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and other storage devices? One online storage facility that people can rely on is Dropbox. A considerable storage space of 2Gb comes with the free account. Applicable fees apply for bigger storage spaces.
  5. Instagram – Who says only functional and productivity apps are useful? A couple of social apps should also come in handy in this era when almost everyone is into social media. While waiting in long lines or for your date to arrive, you can check out your friends’ vintage style photos as long as you can get an internet connection which is practically, everywhere you go.
  6. Alarm Clock Ultra – There’s no need to worry about waking up on time the following day even after working overtime or having a light night drinking session with the buddies with this reliable and feature-packed app. Users can adjust the settings such as set unlimited alarms, set your own music for the alarm tone, solve the puzzle to snooze, and much more.
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